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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Move Over Cosmo!

Move over “Cosmo”, there’s a hip new drink in town.

Here’s how it all happened…
One Friday night last month, a group of us gathered to celebrate the impending nuptials of niece Beth and hubby-to-be, Mike. The bar was serving this fabulous concoction…slightly pink, with a touch of sweet frothiness and subtle zing. Pure yum. I went right up to the bar and. “asked for one of those”, pointing.

I watched her make it. This was something new…I didn’t recognize the recipe. She explained it was her own and of course, I needed to know the name wanting to order another for my sister, a die-hard Cosmo fan.

“Funny you should ask”, she said, “I haven’t come up with one just yet”.
Right there we did. It’s the “Silver Suitcase”…its name evokes the elegance of travel, the luster of Bling and the undertone of steampunk chic. Further it celebrates the talented and oh so festive women who are forming “The Silver Suitcase Society”.

Want to know more?
The drink was created by mixologist Sandra Zueger. Native to Warwick, her parents came to the States 25 years ago from Switzerland. For as many years they have owned and run the well-regarded and elegant Chateau Hathorn on Route 94 just south of the Village.

Here Sandra shares her recipe for the drink she has created…

Silver Suitcase – created 2008
Stoli Vanilla - 1.5 parts
PaMA(original pomegranate liquor) 2 parts
Pineapple Juice - .5 part
Shake over ice and serve in a Martini glass
...she often rims the glass in lemon drop sugar and garnishes wiht fresh exotic fruits to add texture and depth...

Yes, it tastes a bit like a Cosmo, but less twangy, and it’s so much more “Now”, with the bright flavor of pomegranates, the fruit of 2007, that are so full of antioxidants.

Want to know more about the aforementioned “Silver Suitcase Society”?
Stay tuned. But let me give you a hint, if you know Jo Packham, or anything about “Where Women Create”, you’ll be hearing more.

Please enjoy responsibly.
Jen O’Connor
PS The name for the drink and its recipe maybe used and reproduced without permission, but please provide credit to the creator and her restaurant if used in printed materials other than a menu.

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Theresa said...

Those sure do look YUMMY!!!!

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