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Friday, August 22, 2008

Blackbird's Nest

...Steps from Diana's studio in the main barn (see post of August 19th...) there's another talented artist at work, her daughter.

Here's Deirdre Friebely of Blackbird Design standing at the door to her studio. It's a sweet nest of colorful, castoff farm and garden accouterments that seem to cozy up with rakish charm and casual whimsy...

I loved seeing where Deirdre works. Her space is the former milking shed where her grandfather worked each day. It's got a funky vibe that palpates joy and seems to resonate with the artists' throaty chuckle.

The longer Deirdre is in my life, the more confident I am that fate, in her sweetest of moods, brought us together. I treasure Deirdre’s friendship, her constancy of spirit in our business relationship…and most of all…having her art about me to lighten the days.
And my oh my, has she hit her spunky stride in these new paintings!

Her palette sits on brown craft paper on top of the the old milk cooler.

Her studio has a nest-like feel. Here she is ensconced creating some of the best work I have seen her do…

Thanks Deirdre for all those emails, those calls and those car trips to get us to this point. And now to think…I am raiding your Mom’s barn for props for our next adventure together and if I am lucky, she just might invite me back!

We hope you can meet Deirdre at the Country Living Fair next month…and in the meantime, watch the site or email to be on her special list for updates on her work…

xxoo Jen O'Connor
PS Artists contact me by the dozen each month. There is so much talent out there…and Deirdre’s work spoke to me. It was more than a year until we could meet and come to an accord.
Read about how Deirdre and I met and how she became an “Earth Angel”…


Dara said...

Deirdre is just delightful!! I can't wait to be roomies with her and Jo Packham at the Country Living Fair!!!!


Linda Crispell said...


Melissa said...

We all love Deirde's paintings in the Rasenberger house.
Brendan says "she is the best painter ever!"
We can't wait to see all her newest works of art.

Theresa said...

Love the studio photos and the paintings... they're so fun!!!



alette said...

I wish you were closer
alette siri ane from norway

Anonymous said...

Dierdre is a little powerhouse with an imagination to match her talent, which is no small feat. When you see someone so young it only sparks yur imagination as to where her comet will travel too in the future. Enjoy your journey Dierdre and keep your sparkly smile.
Happy paintstrokes,

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