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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer's Sweetest

A wonderful trip to the beach with my kids coincides with the arrival of the summer's sweetest creations from Lori Ann Corelis...

This latest batch of cuties from brings good cheer and memories bygone summers at the shore.

Lori Ann exceeds my expectations each time her creations arrive....her work is immaculately crafted with subtle needle-sculpting details that utterly charm me. I am smitten with these kitties!

Funny enough there is an old family photo like the one I've shown's a precious shot of my Grandmother as a young girl (she was born in New York 1898). She is in the same pose at the sea shore with her sisters...
Bravo Lori Ann and thanks for letting us share these with out Earth Angels customers...e-mail us for details on size, price and availability.

Please note, I am off to the lake this week. While we are off making some summer memories of our own it will be business as usual here at Earth Angels. Shannon is holding down the call or email her at my address of you need anything...

xxoo Jen O'Connor


Theresa said...

Jen, I love Lori's fuzzy creations can you put me on your e-mail list for when you update her goodies.



Melissa said...

Lori's critters are always a delightful treat to see. Hope your time away is filled with love and laughter!

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