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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family & Friends Reunion

Have a star spangled, firecracker, and oh so red, white and blue holiday. Best wishes as you gather this 4th of July -- in large groups or small -- and celebrate all that it means to be an American...

Here are some images from our "Annual Family & Friends Reunion". This is the 15th year we've hosted a backyard bash. Yes, it was smaller when we lived in Queens, but it blossomed into a huge event when we moved to my hubby's hometown of Warwick 8 years ago. Now that we have the room, we invite the entire clan and our pals to play for the day -- and they do! This year the tally was 208 folks
(81 of them kids!) and Rocco, the neighborhood's fave cat.

Our tradition is to take some photos on the big flag as guests arrive (...if you read "Country Living" you've see our tradition of "Photos on the Flag" included in prior years' their summer party planning guide...)

We love bringing together so many of the people that are special to us…some of our oldest friends, some new, sooo many cousins, our neighbors and co-workers, our elders and the little ones...all of them our "family" of loved ones. Here's some more to share the day...

The “dessert parade” is a much loved tradition and a true favorite among the younger crowd. When folks arrive, deserts are tucked on three six foot tables in our attached garage. At sunset, the garage doors lift and the kids line up to grab a plate, platter or tray of goodies. Then our fearless Grand Marshall -- this year my able-bodied and oh so silly Cousin Jeff -- bangs spoon to pot and leads the 80+ kids all the way around the house and to a huge round table in the biggest tent where the spread is laid.

Folks come mid-afternoon and stay til the fireflies and fireworks. We live on the top of a hill, and the fireworks that are the finale to the local carnival go off at 10pm. We've got a stellar view of the show.

Here's what greeted us the morning after...the chairs lined up from viewing the 38 minutes of fireworks...and the remains of a day that I will keep close in good memory.

Thanks to all of you for coming and making it a great gathering. And thanks to the help in the kitchen ...Oliver, Harold, Allie, Antoinette and Sara especailly...thanks to the Bairds for tent support, the Candeas our clean-up crew and the McNallys for set up magic! And of course, the long distance award goes to Anne who came in for the fete from Down Under!

It was a mighty party.

HAPPY SUMMER...xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Jen, what a wonderful event for your family and friends!!! It looks like a good time was had by all ~ happy 4th!! xxoo, Dawn

Thea said...

Jen, Only Ireland kept me away from the festivities! You are amazing to be able to deliver such joy to so many and look so chic all the while! Love, Thea

Anonymous said...

Now that's a Fourth of July celebration! What wonderful memories those children are going to have of their youth!
Happy Belated Fourth:)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love your blog but it's the warmth in every picture that keeps me coming back...Jen yoou bring out the best in it and you..Jennifer

Rosanne said...

It was an incredible surprise. Some much great food, drinks and a festive atmosphere. Thanks again for sharing your friends and family with me and Alex.

katydid said...

I'm so backed up on my blog reading since school let out and than some!!! So let me begin with Jill's workshop is a wonderland AND I can't wait to visit her "Closet"!!!

Next: Your kitchen...ahhh..fab, even in progress...can't wait for my first cup of tea at the so cool island..

Then, Roe's house...where do I look first.. a great eye for design and talent...

And Last but not Least...the Partay! How we look forward to it every's like living life in a magazine... Country bliss, surrounded by sheer old time fun and great joy!!! Thanks for making life so colorful. xoxoxox!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! I can't wait to be there with you next year - It can't come quick enough!! Love Anne ( Australaia ) xxxx

Melissa said...

Jen, sorry we missed the big party this year. Looks like you had great weather & a great day. Happy 4th!

Art Is...Slan said...

Family and Friends ... and art - that is all we need.

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