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Sunday, July 6, 2008

a New Earth Angel

Barbara Strawser and her work have charmed me for so long…Her paintings brim with joyful scenes and stories of her life in the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside. Her works tell of the things she knows and loves…her garden, the farm, and the simple pleasures of a life well-lived among friends and family.

And so, I am utterly thrilled to present this wonderful woman, and self-taught painter’s, works. Please join me in welcoming Barbara to my band of Earth Angels…her paintings have magic, a story and color that sends me…

…and how did this all happen…Well, I am a firm believer that life gets much sweeter when fate marries good timing with who you know. There I was at Jen Paganelli’s Sis Boom open house last month and Barbara was sitting peacefully on Jen’s lawn working on a painting of a girl in a garden. She looked so peaceful; I didn’t want to disturb her in greeting. Instead I waited and wandered the open house.
I thought how Barbara’s paintings haunted me like good memories…they seemed familiar, but had always been just beyond reach selling quickly into private collections and occasionally surfacing at auction. For many years, I would see her and her work annually at the Wilton show where she has been a constant for 25 years…and here she was at Sis Boom!

And so, a short time later, I went and sat with Barbara and confessed my genuine affection and admiration for her work. We talked for so long…we chatted about how could we work together to share her paintings with Earth Angels’ customers. I told her what I loved most about her work, and in turn what I thought my customers would most appreciate. After some time, and with the guidance of Jen Paganelli an old friend and patron to Barbara, we came to an accord.

Oh happy day!

In her work, angels fly above hayfields, couples marry among friends, birds frolic in gardens and animals work and play…Each piece sings its song in colors and forms that are alluring…their melody so familiar, their sentiment so true. They ensnare sunny days in the garden, the peace that comes with work well done, and scenes from field and farm.

Barbara has painted for more than 30 years in her native Lancaster County…she is one among the generations of talented artists her family has produced (her son Daniel is the successful and well-known folk art wood carver). Her work is exceptional in its illustrative quality, and she has a capacity to tell a story in small or large-scale. In both, her diminutive brushwork adds the sweetest of details to her scenes.

This is one of my very favorites...

Here we are... a happy crew and a grouping of paintings...

Her work captures me…as it does many. Barbara's following is great, and her works are in sure and certain demand. I am humbled to present her latest creations in this forum and on our EarthAngelsToys gallery site…(our webmaster Paul will have her page up soon!)

Here's my Mom with Barbara and one of Jen's helpers...we had great fun...

Email if you’d like to see the images of all available creations…and Barbara assured me we will have a few more in August when I will travel to Southeastern Pennsylvania to visit with Barbara at her home.
Barbara you shine! Many thanks for the opportunity to share your work...
xxoo Jen O’Connor


Marie Antionette said...

OK,thats not fair you all having the times of your lives antiquing.What wonderful finds.How lucky you are.I'm so happt I stopped by. Marie Antionette

twinkleshabbystar said...

Hello Jen,
Barbara's painting are so cheerful and beautiful! What a WONDERFUL and amazingly talented artist to add your FABULOUS group of artist! I ADORE Miss Jennifer. I had the opportunity of meeting her at Silver Bella last year. She is sooo nice! She fell in love with one of my bunny ornaments and purchased one. A highlight of my day and career! Smiles, Jennifer

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