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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Deer Me!

So look who stopped by Earth Angels today...there, under the tree, just off the driveway... Come a little closer...

(...don't worry, this was shot with a zoom lens and "Bambi" never knew I was there...)
We have a herd of 13 that wander through our yard each afternoon. They stop by for a daily visit and munch of my flowers on their way from the Lewis Woodlands, which borders our block, to the creek at the end of the road. We spotted twin fawns last spring, and just three days ago, this little one with her mama.

Ahh, nature shares life's duplicity once again...I have groaned and complained about the wretched over-population of these animals, and though they are far beyond their population capacity in the region, and considered pests by most, I confess, I turned to butter when I saw this babe on the front lawn looking so forlorn...

She was there for so long, frozen in fear poor little thing....I could barely tell if she was breathing. A call to Super Shannon saved the day. In addition to being my assistant, Shannon volunteers at the Warwick Humane Society...and, she knows an awful lot about animal behavior and husbandry.
I learned that fawns are often left up to 6-7 hours by the doe. We are not to worry unless we see the wee one in the same spot the next day, for any length of time, and then we can guess that the mother is not able to return ( do I gently say that we drive by more dead deer on the roads everyday....).

Hours later, the fawn wandered off in a leggy and comical gait. The pavement scared her so... she was trying to move more quickly...but to no avail. She seemed to get her rear legs in front of her front!
I'll keep you posted if I see her again...
xxoo Jen O'Connor


Leticia said...

aaah! I was out on an early evening walk just about a week ago and met up with a doe and her twin fawns. Love visiting your blog, very inspiring.

KSedlak said...

Jen, I love these pictures of the baby fawn. They are indeed, amazing animals. Every time I see one I feel so at peace. My body feels such a calming when there around.
My daughter and I spotted a mother and baby walking in the long grass along the freeway on Saturday. She was leading her off into the woods.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Danielle Muller said...

oh how sweet! very peaceful the "polka dots" they sport!


paige said...

this is absolutely beautiful!
just moments ago we were admiring the little bunny who has frequented our back yard many an evening over the past several weeks. she appears to love the long soft grass that cools in teh evenings.
my golden retriever--who watches from the bay window-- seems eager to meet her though!

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