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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bonnie Makes it Merry

This is Earth Angel, Bonnie Taylor Talbot... as a friend, she makes my heart sing silly songs of shared happy days. And, her work is just as wonderful as she....Her paintings bring me somewhere oh so sweet...they are as lovely as good memories, and as lovable as fine things and extra frosting.

Bonnie started painting ten years ago, teaching herself with every brush stroke and bravely experimenting with color and texture. I adore the results of her labor. Her works are light, airy and full of merry light.

She is an ebullient and festive soul, and it shows in her work. Her happy pieces in bright colors are layers of acrylics on canvas. Most are adorned with hand-stamped words and hand-inked, and oh so evocative, phrases. She mixes everyday objects with Parisian wrought iron grates, tiaras and crowns, chickens, ball gowns, the occasional perfume bottle and even sparkly chandeliers – all the things that delight her.

At our spring gallery event, Bonnie graced us as a featured artist. She wowed the crowds, she won the hearts of her fellow Earth Angels...and in between, she made me want to be more like her when I grow up (note shared cupcake fetish is a start). she is with her art posse!

She came early to the festivities, in time to catch one of Aidan’s Little League games, to help set up the gallery, and to just be a pal and go for ice cream on the mountain with me. I love that she was such a big part of it all, she really made it happen for all the artists. Oh, and did I mention that she “lost” my pickup truck in downtown Warwick…that perhaps is a story for another time!

I love her new works (some are already on the site...and Paul will post more this weekend -- or you can email for images)…
I adore how she couples plump chairs with juicy pears, buckets of flowers, or silly hens. In Bonnie's work, a jaunty party hat on a chicken is the norm! Such fun! I am simply thrilled that Earth Angels can offer such a fabulous selection of her original paintings…
…bust be warned, Bonnie does make everything more fun, just don’t give her your keys!
xxoo Jen


jennifer lanne said...

Bonnie looks as fabulous as her paintings!
It was so nice to meet her at the Soiree..
thanks, Jen for bringing us artists all together!

Dara said...

Bonnie is a true delight! She is like the sister that I always wanted....we were instant friends and no one else could ever get me to wear feathers!!!!! Her work is so fabulous....just like, sweet, sentimental and at times very Parisian!!!!
She is just the best!


hazel said...

I have been IN LOVE with Bonnie's work for a while now. She definitely speaks to my heart, all the things she loves, I love. How wonderful it must have been to spend time with her! Even if she lost your truck!

laurie meseroll said...

Bonnie is one cool mama and we're really lucky to have her join us (especially after the Halloween & Vine escapades)!!!!!!!

Theresa said...

It was so nice to meet Bonnie. :) I especially love the colors she uses in her paintings.... they remind me of a spring rain.. fresh and new.



cheryl kuhn said...

Within minutes of talking to Bonnie you feel like you have made a friend for life! Her wonderful outlook and sense of humor are evident in every brushstroke on her magical paintings.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

I love her work. I wasn't familiar with Bonnie's Art. Thank you for introducing her to me.

She looks like she has such a wonderful personality and it definetly shows is her beautiful Art.


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