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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stage Crew Sets Sail

Whew! We are just back from Day 1 of our set up for the big event at the gallery.

We have set sail!

It takes two full days, many hands and a ton of trips up and down the stairs to ready the's sort of like the circus coming to town...

The gallery space encompasses the second storey of an 1890s department store...high ceilings...tons of light...ahhh's an absolutely wonderful backdrop for the art.

Here, Deirdre sorts it all out...she is the Stair Master!
And I kept trying to put Bonnie in charge, but after she "lost" my 2 ton pickup truck "somewhere" in Warwick, we took the the tools and keys away from her and ordered lunch!

No, Kathy and Jill are not allowed to have any fun...

For each of our Earth Angels event, different artists and pals take turns lending their hands...these are my stage hands for the "Song of the Sea" and I am happy to captain the cheery crew...

A BIG THANKS to ... Deirdre Friebely, Bonnie Taylor Talbot, Jill Wiener, Kathy Nuttall, Nancy Schaechinger...and Bad Boy Billy!

We are almost there!

Sixteen more artists will arrive tomorrow and the walls, panels, shelves and various and sundry flat surfaces, pedestals and tables will be encrusted with art...

Stay Tuned!

xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Theresa said...

I just love seeing action shots of the gallery. It's great to see it in it's different stages... as art work comes down and new art work comes up and the change of displays. It's all so yummy to see. :)



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