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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


...we were in Florida for a week. A vacation from the everyday never seems long enough...and yet, it was wonderful to come Home.

We make the 17 hour drive to Florida twice a year. A pilgrimage we've made for as long as I can recall. First, I went as a kid in the back of my parents' car to visit my GrandMa and Aunties.
Now, with my own kids, we drive.
I love the ride through the night, the desolate road, the dim lights from wayside towns and even the indulgent snacks we treat ourselves to on the long ride...Yes, getting there takes time, but the road-trip is a part of the adventure and it works its magic on all of us.

Here we are at the Florida "Welcome Center" on I-95
...the kids love the free juice and a stretch of their legs!
We love that they are such hearty little travellers.

This image tells you how I spent the trip (actually any trip we take...)... chasing Aidan, asking Rory to "grab shell" (that's cool turtle momma speak for you NEMO fans and means, " "hold my hand") and of course, asking Charlotte to catch up.

Rory loves juice,

Char says, "It tastes like Florida".

And, Aidan says, "Cheers".

...the sun, the sand, the surf, the sea...
The vacation gave me such a re-charge! I am working with renewed energy...and it's a good thing too! In the next few weeks I have to ready the gallery for the BIG event, finish the move into the secret lab for the impending "Song of the Seas" cocktail party, and prep for a photo shoot with Jo Packham for the next "Where Women Create"...
What a "to do" list!
My gal pal Kathy is coming over tomorrow to help once again...I will be sure to take some pictures with her and share them so you can see the "Before" and the "After" in the new space we've built.
xxoo Jen


Diane Duda said...

"Tastes like Florida."
How cute is that? :)


Theresa said...

Goodness I'm gone for a week and I find that you've posted so many lovely things up. It looks like you and the kids had a great time in Florida. :) Today I wish I was in Florida it's cold.



KSedlak said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun to be wading in the ocean. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.
Your kids are just adorable.

Thanks so much for sharing.


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