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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring for All

...has arrived in a flutter, a bit late to the party this year. But, she is here and well dressed just the same.
Spring seems so very fair...yes, lovely, but "fair". Graciously, spring hosts the burden of chasing away winter, while begging off summer. Both are "Type A" in New York, and spring manages her task with gentle diplomacy. She sends flowers.

Today is the equinox...the center of the Sun will spend an almost equal share of time above and below the horizon at every location on Earth. Spring arrives in equity, demanding attention, with a night and day of nearly the same length. Spring's effort begs us to shake our wintry habits and draw us from our cozy lairs.

Enjoy the days, they get longer and sweeter. The sodden ground has a promised bounty, and the ever warming breeze lifts off the layers of wool and fleece til the skin meets the sun.

It's all like a sigh to me. Nest, build and renew the spirit.
xxoo Jen


Theresa said...

What a lovely post on spring....I know I'm excited that spring is here too. The weather is getting warmer and soon I'll be able to sit outside on our deck soaking up the sunshine. Plus I love to have all the windows open in the house and a warm breeze floating about. :)



Debbie Miller said...

That was lovely! think I'll go out and admire the crocus :-)

KSedlak said...

I love to read your blog because not only do you have a wide variety to share with your collectors and friends, but your writing is so poetic that it soothes the soul. Thats how my soul is feeling right now after reading your post on spring.
This has been a wonderful spring day here in Washington. What could be better then waking up to sunshine and poetry.
Thank you
Happy Spring to you and your family

Sandy Mastroni said...

Happy Spring Jen
Happy Spring to your mom too !

becca jo said...

i know spring is coming when i leave work and it's still light outside! we may have 6 inches of new snow on the ground, but it's not dark at 6 PM anymore!

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