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Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter at Our House

Easter seemed to spring at me with little time to prepare for it this year. Somehow falling so early in the season, and with no flowers in the garden, I found myself looking for bright colors among in the boxes of decorations.
I have accumulated a cache of holiday goodies, many gathered in my travels, all laden with memory and story. Each year the decorations come together a bit does the guest list and menu...

We laid three tables for Easter dinner and I cooked up a merry storm. We filled the day with family, friends and cheer.

Here's the sideboard in the dining room…lots of yellows and happy greens with a flash of red made it festive. The paper rabbits are vintage; I’ve had them so long I cannot recall where I bought them The wooden chicks are made in Germany…I love their polka dotted kerchiefs. The standing grey rabbit was made by my fave artist Pat Murphy, the other vintage toy was found at a yard sale...

I bought these eggs for 10 cents a piece when I was 20 and traveling in the Czech Republic as a student. I carried them around several countries in plastic tubes in my backpack. I can still hardly believe they made it home!

These fabric eggs with vintage millinery trims were made by Stacey Bear. I bought them from her the day we met...these hand made goodies added memories of friendship to the day.

The places were set with the monogrammed silver I found with the girls at last fall’s “Antique Faire” in Petaluma. A buck a piece was a real treat…
The wee baskets are cut down lunch bags stuffed with grass, candies and pom pom bunnies from Jennifer Murphy’s adorable decorations line.

I am sweet on vintage candy containers...and a few fun and funky yellow chicks have come my way. This happy chap is my very favorite. He has his original "12 cents" price tag...but we treat him new candy each year.

Kitschy chalkware chicks march among the jelly beans and 19th Century Devon art pottery. I restrict my chalkware indulgence to chicks and dogs...otherwise these funky critters could take over the cupboards!

Another view of the hutch...

Flowers found their way into silver tumblers we scattered down the tables, tucked in the loo and on counters and shelves. (They were leftovers from the "Royal Afternoon" Spring Soiree of 2006!) The candelabra were my "official Christmas Gift to myself" last year. I have enjoyed the splurge each time I set the table for guests or a special meal.

I have a small (wish it were larger!) collection of wooden toys from Erzgebirge in Germany. Some I bought when I was there on business, other pieces were found at doll and toy shows.

Candy cozied up to Jody Battaglia’s creations in several arrangements…

The festivities were two weeks ago, but I cannot bear to tuck the chicks, the bunnies, the eggs and all the festive goodies back into their storage boxes to wait for next year's celebration. Not just yet.
The decorations are echoes of the party. The memory of my house full of the people I love makes my heart sing.
xxoo Jen O'Connor


Dara said...

WOW!!!! I would have a difficult time putting away all of these great goodies too!! Everything looks so fabulous!!!!! Jen, thanks for SPRING inspirations!


anniebeez said...

Wow! Those eggs from the Czech Republic are unbelievable! What a treasure!

Theresa said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. :) Yes, I agree Easter did come to early this year and I too haven't put away the decorations. It seems like Easter hasn't really come yet even though the calender said it has.



Thea said...

What a wonderful sight to see your Easter spread with all its treats! I never fail to be amazed at the creativity you show in what you do with the artists' works. You make the art so seamless with daily life and then, on hoilidays, and best of all, on JUST BECAUSE DAYS, you weave their magic so it's seen anew.

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