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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

jumpstart the heART

...the preparations for “the heART of winter” got their "jumpstART" this week thanks to my pals Little Red Robin & Denny the Hood and a visit from Jill Wiener...

While the event itself will be lovely, elegant, festive and tailored to please all who attend…the behind the scenes prep work is nothing glamorous…Denny and Robin were here for 4 days to whip me into shape and get the ball rolling! Jill came for a visit to cheer us on and lend a hand getting the space ready for the festivities.

Here Denny painstakingly enters the inventory list of the 1,200 pieces of original art that have already arrived from the artists' studios...

Here they sort Nicole Bowen's arrivals and make a plan for display at the gallery. The event in in less than three weeks and there is a huge amount to be done...

I need to give a big thanks to my pals Robin and Denny...they are two of my very favorite people on the planet. They are just plain fun, but beyond that, they are the most generous of spirits known...I wouldn't... and well, my business wouldn' here today without them. And, my addiction to dark chocolate would be sorely neglected without Robin's regular care packages!
These extraordinary friends make each and every Earth Angels' event possible. In a previous post I have shared some images of their fabulous collections and told the tale of our meeting... are bins Robin has tagged for transport to the Gallery...

If you can attend "the heART of winter", watch for the dynamic duo of Denny and Robin...along with staff and gal pals Sue, Michelle, Ro, Nancy, Shannon and Cindy….they are the folks that make the magic possible!


Theresa said...

Dear Jen,
You're so lucky to have so many in your life that want to help out. It's wonderful that your dreams have become theirs.... because they care so much about you. What a blessing they all are. :)

Big Bear Hugs,


gilfling said...

Oh Jenn it does look incredibly exciting - I cannot wait to see photos of the actual exhibition - and some day I will even make it over the sea to see the gallery myself!! I do hope it goes well - all the preparation - it is wonderful that you have such amazing people to help out.

Have a great week

Diane Duda said...

It sounds like a lot of work. Your are lucky to have such good helpers!
I'm sure it will be a wonderful event.
Good Luck!


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