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Saturday, January 5, 2008

get your heART in the game!

Another chilly winter afternoon...board game time!

Winter's frigid outside and we are yet again at the kitchen table with a board game. My kids are addicted to "Operation" and "Trouble" and "Candy Land" is always a favorite third choice. There's a bowl of popcorn at the ready and I am listening to a never ending parade of, "Your turn!", "Your move..." and the inevitable, "No, it's MY move".

I must confess that I would cheerfully play a good game of "Risk" with a worthy opponent right now (where is my cousin Paul when I need him?!), or maybe even "Battleship" or "Monopoly" ...I am after all an Aries...these war games allow my inner child to indulge her aggressive instincts!

Diane Allison has her head -- and her heart -- in the game all day long! She too loves "board games", the true panacea to boredom on a winter's day. When she went hunting for antique boards about 20 years ago she found they were too costly to adorn the walls of her home. So, she bravely made her own..learning traditional woodworking in the Appalachian Mountains where she lives.

Inducted into the Country Living Artisans' Guild in 2007, Diane excels at her craft. Her skills are exceptional, as is her use of color and shape to convey story and movement. Diane’s work packs powerful graphic punch. I am smitten with her impeccable reinterpretations of classic folk art motifs. Her designs call upon 19th Century game boards and parlour games; a strong aesthetic noted in each fabulously wrought piece. Her palette is perfect for my decorating… see them over my couch in our den.

Diane calls this one "Star of Rosalie"'s one of my favorites. It's next on my wish list.

Here she is -- the maven of "The Move!" and a link to her complete offerings...
Images and Descriptions of Gameboards

I am off to make some hot chocolate for the gamers!

Enjoy your day
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


KSedlak said...

Jen, That's a great feature on Diane.
I love her game boards.Diane's work definitely has an old country charm that takes me back to my childhood as well.

diane allison-stroud said...

what a nice piece you did on me! thanks so much. i cannot tell you how many games we have played over the last two snowy weeks at our kitchen table. i must admit, the photo of me makes me look a little insane! haha... love ya...

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