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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So there you have it...a room for Charlotte with fresh paint, a new floor, and that sparkly chandelier I openly covet...

The treasures are Charlotte's and more were gathered from about the house to compliment the massive dose of pink... and they have been eagerly adopted! The 5x8 rug was rescued from the basement (I think only Michelle and Shannon knew it was there, but more on the basement another time...) It laid there under the boxes of boxes for 5 years. Just $50 on clearance at "Target" almost 11 years ago, it's as good as new and was waiting for it's call to order!

My Mom, Rosie, brought over the crochet bedspread...we needed a bit more cream and black to break up the pink on pink... on pink! Subtle bits of gold add mellowness and make the Edwardian brass bed pop! The round luxe pillow was a $7 find with Stacey Bear this summer (it made up for my splurge on that folk art ferris wheel) and the chalk ware poodle lamps and golden tassle shades were nabbed for a song at the "Stratford Antique Center" where Rosie has a booth.
They sat in the closet for close to 2 years...

But, I must disgress... am I the only one who cannot resist the call of funky lamps? (It wouldn't be so bad if I just bought lonesome lamps, but I long to have them in pairs so, there are twice as many hanging around awaiting duty.) Yes, I both love and curse myself for the brass-tone giraffe lamps in the living room, the chicken lamps in the den, the monkey lamp, the horse lamp...I say, do we see a theme here?) back to the matter at hand. A new room...
Charlotte's sanctuary, wonderland and haven for her pink passion...
What do you think? on the docket...decorating for Christmas...
so merry, merry ...think pink... and off I go!
xxoo Jen


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oooh!! the room looks soo cute!! love the lamps!! xo Britt :-)

KSedlak said...

Oh, Jen
The room is just beautiful. You did a wonderful job adding new treasures to the room, complimenting the one that Charlotte already had.

Theresa said...

Charlotte's new room looks wonderful!!!! I love all the goodies she has tucked away here and there...a Pat Murphy bear, a few of Nicol Sayre dolls, and some lovely Cheryl Kuhn pieces on her wall. You're such a good mom to give her all of these wonderful treasures. What little girl or big girl for that matter wouldn't love this's beautiful :)



Diane Duda said...

It looks perfect!
I wish a little girl (other than me) lived at my house!

I was also just realizing what a lovely name...Charlotte.


Lana said...

It's beautiful! I'd say Charlotte is one happy little lady!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a wonderful room to grow up in, a lovely place perfect for day dreaming!
Happy Holidays!
Sandra Evertson

Michelle said...

It is beautiful!!! My daughter is Charlotte too! I absolutely LOVE that name!

She is getting a pink room after the holidays as well. I hope I can do it justice as you did for your Charlotte!

Michelle Sylvia

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