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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So many ask, "How do you do it?"
...three little kids, 40 artists, events galore, thousands of customers, artwork coming in and out, idiosyncratic work habits, and a brain that functions best in controlled chaos....

So, how does Earth Angels happen?
...with the wonderful support of my family and friends and a crew of helpers whose efforts are priceless.

One very special person has just been here for a week...coordinating, organizing, cajoling the kids and, in between, whipping me into shape!
She flat out inspires me in her kindness, generosity of spirit, a sincere approach to hard work, and her love of beauty and order.
In fact, Shannon and Nancy are in awe of the new look of the desk and the storage room....not to mention the basement and the studio!
(...some of you know "basement clearance" is given to few, and taken by force by only the bravest like Jennifer Murphy and Cindy Palazzi who have raided and plundered it's boxes and shelves!)

Many of you know Michelle as the correspondence diva of Earth Angels, the "E-Mail Brain" maven, and the name that comes up when I crave support. She is an incredible woman, a fabulous true friend.

I remember meeting her about 10 years ago...I was in Atlanta at a doll convention...Just back from a visit to Jody Battaglia's home, I was clutching a paper bag with wonderful black woolen and felt kitty inside. When I pulled the little toy critter out to show doll artist Robert Tonner, the woman at his side gasped...she knew Jody's work and loved it. This common appreciation for art brought our spirits together.

Michelle shares her talents with me and the artists of Earth Angels. From all of us at Earth Angels, many thanks to you Michelle.
"It" simply would not be possible without your efforts.
xxoo Jen


paige said...

what a fun tribute!
especially when you throw in one of jennifer's paintings!

Theresa said...

It's so good that you have someone to help you... I always wondered how you did it all. :)

Bear Hugs,


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