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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elements of Style

On my never ending quest to encourage the wearing, gifting and treasuring of artful objects, "Elements" are at the top of my favorites list. Jill's artful jewelry and and accessories are pure joy to wear and to use. They are festively appointed with simple elegance, deftly composed, and never overdecorated. Indeed, Jill Schwartz' Elements jewelry and treasured objects are composed with style and savvy -- just like Jill!
Jill is good at what she does, and juggles the design and creations of her work in her Massachusetts studio with an exuberant intensity that shows in her work. It is strong in texture, each piece a rich assemblage that tells a story in metal, wood, fabric and stone.

See my quote and reference to Jill's wok in the pages of the December issue of "Country Living" magazine (see page 26). Thanks to may pals there for showcasing Jill's work and my thoughts on gift giving.

'tis the mention this post and receive free shipping on any order for Jill's work or any of the creations featured by our jewelry artists

xxoo Jen O'Connor

1 comment:

Hallows Hex Design said...

beautiful jewelry! I'm also an element much so that I have drawers upon drawers of elements that I expalin can never be thrown away because i just "know" someday, a project will be the perfect home for them, lol. Love the blog.....will be adding you to my link list!

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