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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wearing Art Year-Round

A rainy day here, and I am puttering about, happy for the peaceful afternoon...As I change out my closets from summer to fall, I cuddle my favorite sweaters hoping for frost and and switch around my jewelry to keep it all fresh and fun. My chunky woollen Lynsey Walters necklaces have surfed to the top of the drawers in my many jewelry boxes (I use old dolly dressers), and I've pulled out anything orange and the beaded necklace pal Moy made me for her 5oth Birthday! (She gave everyone else presents...such a classy babe!)

I wear art every you? is the link to the post where I first asked the question....

"Do you wear art?"

So now, I ask again six months later. Do tell...
I hope by now I have convinced even just a few of you to get out those baubles, bangles and beads...
It feels great to don those beauties them year round
and make a little noise!

Pretty things do cheer!
enjoy your weekend
xxoo Jen


Once Upon a Cottage said...

Great Blog Topic! I DO wear art nearly everyday especially since participating in charm swaps at Artiscape and Art & Soul. I enjoy wearing them all at once or just picking one charm and wearing it alone. I don't imagine I will ever wear a mass produced piece of jewelry again!

Christine L said...

You have a beautiful way with words, Jen. I love that you store your "art" in dolly dressers! I shall don some art today. Thank you for the inspiration.

Pandora said...

Yes! I do wear art nearly every day. My favorite thing to wear is a pendant I made of my late pug Cindy. It is very special to me and has a wonderful tassel hanging from it with all kinds of lovely beads.

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