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Friday, October 19, 2007

Moments of Beauty

Nicol Sayre simply cannot seem to make anything I don't love. And I mean, love. The first time I saw her work, it reached far down in me and pulled forth a sweet and sincere sentiment. Laced with nostalgia, her dolls left me smitten. I have been lucky to see many of her fabulous creations in person, and they each offer me a moment of beauty.
For this, I am ever grateful.

Her simply sculpted dolls pay homage to the creations of the 19th Century. Nicol is most fond of the mid 1800s and showers her dolls in delicate details of these days. She uses materials not dissimilar to those used by the dollmakers of that time period, and the results are incredibly compelling. With gently sloping cheekbones and wide-eyed, placid composures, they boast amazingly complex up-dos, where sausage-like curls abound! Day dresses, stomachers, full skirts, petticoats, shoulder-bearing frocks, kid leather gloves, cunning little heels, striped stockings, frothy hoop skirts...ohh these fashions are just divine!
Nicol's aesthetic is finely tuned and dare I say, unmatched. She never overdecorates, yet, she never leaves a piece wanting for an appreciated flourish. Her work is immaculately crafted, deliciously appointed, and full of a definitive and fetching style that comes from many years in the study and making of her dolls. What she sees and pulls forth from papier mache and cloth is an art all her own. In simple materials she sees loveliness, and in her hands there is the sure talent to craft them into moments of beauty.
If you have visited my home in person or on this blog you know, her dolls are among my personal favorite most treasured objects.
Nicol is my friend. When I look at her work, I think of her. This adds a depth of character to her creations that I cannot measure.

Nicol is also a wonderful business partner to me, allowing me to present and sell her work. A box of beauties is on its way as I write...
She has also just promised to attend another signing...this time around, our First Annual "heART of Winter" Gallery Show.
So mark your calendar to meet Nicol as one of our featured artists -- along with Stacey Bear and Debbee Thibault -- on February 2nd and 3rd
at The Country Life Gallery here in Warwick, NY.
Nicol is working on some exceptional pieces and she will try on some new ideas for the gallery space and event! To add to the excitement of the weekend, she has agreed to host a very intimate luncheon for 25 collectors on Sunday, February 3rd...
Reservations are required and all attendees will receive a favor made by Nicol...We hope you can be a part of the festivities.

Many thanks to you Nicol,
for the beauty your work has brought into my life.

xxoo Jen


heidi said...

what a great post! i love nicole's work, she is just an amazing talent! and i have heard a delightful sweet person.

theresa said...

Dear Jen,

Count Joann and I in for the Feb show... you know we both love Nicole. If she has a witch coming PLEASE let me know. I've been on the hunt for one.



Nicol Sayre said...

My dear Jen
Thank you so much for this lovely tribute! You of all people know how much love and caring I put into each and every creation and it means so much to me that every one of them is going to a loving home. My work is from the heart and I thank you my friend for understanding that. xoxox Nic

Miss Maddie's said...

I'm a little behind in my comments and sometimes I just read the posts. I must say that I love her dolls and like you find them endearing.I am the caretaker of two of Nicol's early dolls that I just adore.I would love to attend your February bash but then that depends on Mother Nature's input as well.I live in Historic Niagara, Ontario, Canada.Sometimes the thruway can be a little challenging in the blush of winter.We'll keep our fingers crossed. Susan

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