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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

heartfelt notions

...boxes of buttons, tidy hand-stitching, neat seams on old cloth, vintage thread and needles...fabric, felt, emery...these are things of inspiration for Debbie Hartwick. They are her heart's desire, her mind's wanderings and the soul of her wonderful "Hartwells" creations.

As a textile artist, Debbie imbues each of her creations with her charms as fabric to a frock. Penguins don party hats, squirrels dance atop circus balls, and giraffes pose stylishly in velveteen waistcoats and ruff collars. While each of her festive creations is worthy of good use at the hands of a seamstress -- they are after all functional objects masquerading as toys -- for me, one completely inept with the needle, her soft sculptures, pin keeps and pals are at home among my collections and displays.

….More wonderful goodies have arrived at Earth Angels from Debbie’s Greenbelt, MD studio. Pincushions and fabulously festive critters, delicious textures and yummy vintage fabrics… Debbie's work is impeccably made with her unparalleled skills and are so very sweet on the eyes. I am totally thrilled to welcome Debbie to Earth Angels…and so pleased to be able to offer her original work to our customers.
Like so many people in my life, Debbie walked in one wonderful day as a new friend and is now in my heart forever. Debbie is a great gal pal to Stacey Bear, so I already knew I would love her... Though I had long heard her name in Stacey's gal pal tales, I met Debbie for the first time the very same day I met Laurie Meseroll, Lori Ann Corelis and Kim Stout...What a day to remember for sure!

Debbie's page of "Hartwells" should be up on our website soon...In the meantime, e-mail if you'd like to see more images of her latest work.
I have to say a big whoops for missing my post last Saturday...I did run away again. As promised, it was once again to Stacey's! Thanks to Stacey for Rory's yummy birthday cake... and to Doug and Carson too for a magical weekend and such great hospitality. We all really needed a break from the construction mess that's here...the kids and Micah love being with the Bear's as much as I do!
xxoo Jen O'Connor


oldflowers4me said...

oh my- i just loved looking at debbie's works of art- oh what about the cat with the love heart- go girl...singing and skipping love jo anderson. p. dont forget to put your lipstick on.....

Lisa Thoms said...

The penguins with the party hats are just adorable as is the rest of her work. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and as always I enjoy reading your posts!

Theresa said...

I think Debbie's Giraffes are the sweetest ...though the penguins are great too :)

stacey said...

debbie is a truly great artist and a wonderful friend-she is my go-too gal when i need business advice!

Kim McCabe said...

LOVE the penguins! How cute are they?! :)

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