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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Momentos of our trip

If I ever run away from home, look no further than Stacey's. I could while away the hours playing with her treasures, riffling through stacks of books, and running my hands over sumptuous piles of fabric in her studio. Her dining room is one of my favorite rooms on the planet, with wide plank floors, stone walls and the flow blue that is original to the house. Never mind the buttons, all those buttons, and the dollies, the collections...and Stacey herself.
Truly, my weekend at Stacey's each summer is better medicine for hyper busy me than any spa vacation. Time with her and my gal pals is delicious, as with any great friends. I am at ease, stilled and ensconced in an orb or acceptance that impatient, sassy and oh so idiosyncratic me, should never undervalue!
Like her friendship, I treasure her work. If you've been to my home you can see it is all about me. (Please read what I wrote about Stacey back in April when I dedicated one of my earlier blog posts to her.) Her pieces are as meaningful as good memories; they are Momentos, soulful and inspiring.
Thanks to Stacey for her kindness, her wonderful hospitality and for the talent she shares in her awesome creations. She sent me home from my jaunt to York filled with new ideas for decorating, plans for outings with the kids and my gal pals, and some thoughts on ways to grill pizza!
I am totally thrilled to share her latest work with you; I hope it gives you a glimmer of that wonderfully fresh feeling of inspiration. Some of her jewelry has just been posted, and the new larger pieces will be up this weekend. We should add, the website will be moved to a new host this and you will note, a GREAT INCREASE in SPEED!!
Thanks to you Stacey for the Momentos of a wonderful trip.
xxoo Jen


oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- just a little note- oooohhhhhhh - thankyou - i love all your words a your photos- you look like you had lots of fun- singing and skipping-jo

stacey said...

what a lovely way to start my morning reading your blog. you have a very special way with words and knowing that you had such an enjoyable time on our girls weekend makes me happy! thanks for all the kind compliments about the house-we love it too although it can sometimes be a burden with much work to be done(right now i am dealing with birds in the chimmney and a mouse in daughter's bedroom!)after a great week at the beach i am excited to get back to painting,

Diane Duda said...

I love painting pictures, but even more I love looking at the work of others! Stacey's paintings are wonderful and her house ain't too shabby either. :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! Darling things! Thank you for sharing! One problem, however: the word is "mEmentos," not "mOmentos."
(I don't have a blogger account,so I must sign as "Anonymous.")

Jen - Earth Angels said...

yes, to Anonymous....on the spelling, but as a proper noun, Stacey uses "Momentos" as her business title

stacey said...

a friendly note to clear things up:
i have been told many times the correct spelling is mementos but i kindly tell people that according to merriam-webster it can be spelled either way. in addition it is also the spanish variation of memento(and i like to be considered exotic) and as jen noted i use it as a proper noun for my business name.

jennifer lanne said...

Oh My Gosh! I want to see more and more........Stacey is so cool and inspiring....thanks for the peek!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

However you chose to spell it, it is exquisite. Ohhh, the pictures!! Lovely as always, and even without photos, your descriptions are just as colorful :)

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

How upbeat and fresh! Stacey's creations. Hope to see more of it.

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