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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On Angels' Wings...

Friendship comes on angels wings for this sweet Italian putti reminds us...

Here is friend and fellow collector, lover of teddies, dolls, folk art, and all things pink and green...Rosanna DeBellis, and her beautiful daughter Nicole, of Mantova, Italy. They have visited us in Warwick 3 times and I need to get to Italy to see her amazing home and collections.

Thanks Rosanna for the pictures shared here...there are so many more...and we will be sure to post them over time so that all can enjoy...what a collection! How totally yummy and PINK!!!! And yes, we can think pink can't we!!!

Rosanna takes decorating, and the color pink, to new heights...just look at the wonderful stacks of sweaters festooned as they sit in the wardrobe... she lives with art all around her, wears it, shares it, loves it! Little Nicole is just as fond of the pink and green theme and here are some images of her and pink and more pink...every wonderful!

Delicious, devine, delightful, delirious, de-lovely and DeBellis! you recognize any other "Angels" friends among the photos? ...yes, there's Heidi's elephant, Maree's dolls and more work and treasures from Nicole, Lynsey, and Jody...and I love the image of Rosanna wiht Robin, Nicol, and Dawn...I am reminded of so many wonderful friends that have come to me through the world of art...
love art, eat cake, have fun
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

faerie window said...

THIS is the post I have been waiting for. Rosanna and her daughter are just beautiful. And all that yummy pink goodness, SWOON. I cannot wait to see more!! As always, thanks Jen for sharing the best photos.

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