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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Love at First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? You've seen a piece of art and it's mesmerizing, enchanting, your eyes go to it again and again, you must have lust, you desire, and even better, you have exactly the spot for it! When I wandered into Laurie Meseroll's booth at the "From Our Hands" show I was thunderstuck. Her work stopped me in my tracks and yes, I bought every single painting that was still available....for truth. They came home packed around me in our van for the 10 hour drive..I couldn't ship them, how could I be apart from them...??? They filled the walls in my front hall.
That was in Columbus in 2005. Since then life has been a whole lot sweeter. I do love Laurie, working with her, being her friend, having her counsel and trust....and not to mention how much I adore her work, it gets me time and again....

She has had a life full of adventures and children, pets and happy places, dreams, travels and love. These sentiments catapult themselves from her primitive-style paintings and beeswax collages.

Here is Laurie in her element (see one of many cats in foreground and "Red Bull" in hand). I snapped this when I visited her and her family last fall. Her home is busy and bright, full of kids and the rumble of ideas, not to mention constant artistic activity. Here she is with friends Dawn and my Mom Rosie, and on my steps with me and her wonderful daughter Tasie.

Laurie's talents are great. She mixes her own pigments and works, cross legged on a comfy couch where she collages in a frenzy and then paints, paints some more and gets her pieces to tell their own story in texture, color, wax and a wee bit of mica for bling. The results are compelling, endearing and very much her own "Mudcakes"!

I am thrilled to work with Laurie, presenting her work exclusively through Earth Angels. Even better, I know that love at first sight is a sure thing.
xxoo Jen O'Connor


Gina said...

I love Laurie's work! She is a wonderful artist...I can't wait to see what she will create next.

Gina said...

I love Laurie's work! She is such a great artist. I can't wait to see what she will create next. :)

Kathrine said...

You have such a gift for writing! I hope that you will be submitting articles to Somerset about your artists! It's always such a picker upper when I read your blog.

Wow, maybe you can even start your own Zine!

Thanks Jen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kathy that you are a great writer and story teller. Happy day after your Birthday! HI ROSIE! Rosie was there to pick me up off the ground of your foyer when I first saw Laurie's work. I rubbbed my eyes and they were still there --delighted that I was not dreaming. The paintings are deep. Imaginative. Thought provoking. Fun. FIlled with texture. I don't know Laurie but I know Laurie. I am greatful to have a few of her works and love living with them. They shout 'no fear'!
Thanks for sharing. xoSandi

constance said...

Laurie's work is great. Love it.
Happy late birthday to you Jen.
May this your best year yet!

Lisa Kaus said...

I LOVE it that the first and fifth images presented are paintings that I own! I first saw Laurie's work at the home of a good friend. I was spell-bound. Laurie has such a fresh original intrepretation of the world around her. I'm so looking forward to meeting her this May at your Spring Soiree. PS. Happy Birthday-xoxoxo-Big Hugs!

Christine said...

Every morning when I come down to my kitchen, there's my Laurie painting -Quilting Bee- to happily greet me. I love it. Her work just speaks to my heart & I have to say, my soul. I know exactly what Jen means when she says Love at First sight.
I love how Laurie uses early elements in her work. In my painting, the little girls are all sitting in wonderful high back chairs around a quilt, the window well is deep and fat goosefeather flakes are falling outside, I can just imagine sitting there with them, a little gossip going on while they quilt, she even painted a make-do for the needles & pins AND Laurie painted 2 of the dear girls to look as though it is Laurie & I sitting there quilting together. A fat black ad white kitty asleep under the table. You know there has to be a nice fire going in the fireplace, just out of sight.

Did I mention how much I Love it?

Even after nearly 3 years, the beautiful beeswax sheen still scents that corner of my old farmhouse kitchen. A happy thought.

If you do not have a Laurie painting you must get thee to Mudcakes on Jen's website and spoil yourself silly.


you are a gifted wrter,Jen. Thanks for such a wonderful visit to your blog this morning.

Donna said...

To anyone who has not seen Laurie's work in person - IT IS AMAZING!!! Photographs can not capture the magic of her work!! I hope that I am lucky enough to pick up a few more pieces this spring!!

Jen - Happy Belated Birthday!!!

mosaic queen said...

Just MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandra S said...

I came to you through your EarthAngelsToys ad in Home Companion-wonderful site and blog! I was wondering if you could email me possibly at to let me know who the artist is who made the necklace with the bird in it! (its in your ad, bottom row of photos, second from left)- THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do believe in love at first sight - it happened to me.I fell in love with Laurie's painting the first time I saw them. I had to have one. Jen has so wonderfully helped me make that happen.~Nancy

Kathrine said...

After reading all the comments, I have to now comment on my OBSESSION with Laurie's work. Jen can atest to this. I absolutely love her work. The women she paints just speak to me. They are the most vocal art I have. I became a Laurie fan back in 2003 and I am still going strong. I can't stop myself for getting just one more. Ha. You'd think after 45 of them I wouldn't have any wall space but I am very creative & still have room for one more. Or two or three. They still make my heart skip a beat and can't believe how lucky I am. Thank you Jen and Laurie!

Michelle said...

I am lucky enough to own one of Laurie's paintings! I to had all the magical feelings that are captured when viewing her art! I hope to be lucky enough to fill my home with her paintings in my lifetime!
Many Blessings!

Diane Duda said...

Very inspiring work! I'd love to see some in real life.

Theresa said...

Yes, Laurie's work is STUPENDOUS!!!! I only have a few paintings but I hope to keep adding more to my collection. Also I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!

Rosanne said...

Having met Laurie I love her paintings even more. She is such a wonderful woman as well as artist. I can't get enough of her work. It fills my house and makes me very happy!

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